IoT based controller on ARM architecture for small Reverse Osmosis plant

– with built-in contractors for controlling motors, current sensing to provide for single-phasing protection & overload protection for 3-phase motors.


Reverse Osmosis plants come in various sizes. For small-sized plants, using a PLC based control system might not be suitable due to size & cost constraints. Besides if the plant is remotely deployed, it should be possible to control & monitor it using either cellular connection or internet.

For such requirements, SureView Instruments has a product with an elaborate & user-friendly software.

This controller is designed in such a way that it can be used for various typical requirements of an RO plant manufacturer. It can incorporate a flow sensor and other accessories, the software has such provisions built-in.

Apart from on-board HMI, it can be controlled & monitored via GSM (cellular) or 4G data connection since it has built-in modem. We provide you with a library to integrate with your cloud. Alternatively, we can provide you with our software to sit in your office PC/Mac.

The controller is easy to install, use & maintain.

Technical Information:

Digital Inputs:

  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • Aux 1 (programmable)
  • Aux 2 (programmable)
  • Aux 3 (programmable)

Analog Inputs (All programmable):

  • Conductivity
  • Flow Sensor (volumetric)
  • Flow Sensor (volumetric)

Digital Outputs (All Programmable):

  • Flush Valve
  • Doser Valve
  • Auxiliary Output
  • RWP Pump
  • HPP Pump



(for OEM / custom-design as per your plant size, you are welcome to contact Aniket Mone at mone[AT] or +91.9820062356)





The software has features to utilize single/three phase pumps for both feed & high-pressure which can be selected on-site. There is built-in flow & TDS measurement.

(HMI has a 2×16 alphanumeric display to show parameters like Mode, Flow-rate, Conductivity, Operation hours, Trip messages & Plant status)